Employee health and wellbeing firm Everyday Juice Ltd. has launched a six-week step challenge in a bid to help organisations reconnect their employees and improve health and wellbeing.

Unlike other step challenges, ‘StrollwithIT’ is completely free to enter and has been developed with the sole purpose of improving employee health and wellbeing via goal setting and team effort.

The launch comes just days after the government rolled out its 12-week plan to tackle obesity, which caused uproar across the UK due to concerns about the effect on people’s mental health.

The Yorkshire-based firm is now calling on organisations to put employee wellbeing first by encouraging low intensity, team-based exercise.

Creator of the challenge, Co-Founder and Executive Director of EJL, Gary Butterfield said: “The current pandemic has forced many of us to work from home, blurring the lines between the workplace and the place where we tend to relax.

“Walking is one of the most accessible exercises that we can do, and offers us a fantastic opportunity to keep active, improve our mental and physical health, whilst also reconnecting with others.

“I developed ‘StrollwithIT’ to be simple using a series of online automation tools so that it needs very little interaction from the employer and so hopefully increase the number of people participating.”

The platform will go live on Yorkshire Day (August 1) with teams being able to register any time before August 30.

Between August 31 and September 11, participating teams will be required to submit their steps each week via a provided form and compete for the top spot in the league table at the end of the six weeks.

Gary added: “We’d love to see people taking part in the challenge and the places they are visiting to get their steps in, so we’ve created a special hashtag for people to use.

“Whether it’s a picture of the area, the team, or feet walking, people can upload to social media using the hashtag #StrollwithIT.”

To comply with social distancing, teams are requested to be no larger than five people.

To find out more or to register your teams, please visit https://www.juicelimited.co.uk/step-challenge.