"We’re Stronger Together"

A "She Can Prosper Digital Event" to be held on 16th September from 8.45am.


The Institute for Fiscal Studies has reported that women will be one of the groups most affected economically by Covid 19.

They report that Covid will have a significant effect on women’s earnings with one researcher suggesting that society was regressing to a 1950s way of living. The economic and social impact of Covid 19 cannot be ignored, women need to be able to access channels of support to share and develop knowledge, skills, expertise and gain confidence.

With the first event from the women’s financial wellbeing initiative; She Can Prosper, we aim to support the mission to help women realise that they have the power to become confident & financially independent.


The Virtual Club will hear from inspirational women who have experienced highs and lows throughout their careers and beyond.

The launch event Were Stronger Together` will encompass the role of women, career and personal challenges and mental resilience.

To register: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/were-stronger-together-registration-115207745468