Leeds based research scientist, and detox and fasting coach, Dr. Sara Pugh has launched a new life optimising guide focused on lifestyle, food and drink changes that hold the key to enhancing your mental and physical wellbeing in 2020.

Sara says: “We live in a high paced, ‘have it right now’, technology driven world which is not how our ancestors lived. Our genetics were not designed for this type of lifestyle and we can often disrupt our circadian rhythms (body clocks), leading to an epidemic of ‘modern diseases’ for example type 2 diabetes, obesity and mental health problems. But we can get around this.”
Sara, who has a degree in Biochemistry and Genetics, Masters in Bioinformatics, and PhD in Molecular Mechanisms has spent years studying the impact on what we eat and drink on the brain and body performance.

Sara adds: “The body’s bio and metabolic infrastructure is a complex and intricate machine, and although everybody is unique, there are ways to tap into the way it works to enhance our performance and wellbeing.
“With the start of a new year, many of us are looking to make positive changes to ensure we’re optimising our lives. Whether it’s eating better, getting fitter, challenging ourselves mentally or improving the quality of our sleep, my 10-point hack guide includes simple, effective tips and changes that will make a positive difference.”

Hacks include how to avoid afternoon slumps, the worst foods to eat and why, the importance of bedroom and sleep hygiene and how coffee can make or break your day.

Sara will be presenting her How to Perform Well by Day, Sleep Well at Night guide at groups and businesses across Leeds throughout January and February. If you would be interested in hosting an event, contact info@sarapughleeds.co.uk

The full guide is available at www.sarapughleeds.co.uk/hacks-to-optimise-your-life