June is often referred to as the gateway to summer and a very busy month for a keen gardener.

The recent weather combined with the extended lockdown has encouraged many who have not had the time to enjoy their outdoor space before, to also learn new skills.

Here are some hints and tips for those who are keen to plant out and sow seeds during the month.


Plant out summer bedding and seed-raised plants, ensure they are well watered in and keep moist during dry weather.

Plant out Dahlias now that the danger of a frost has passed.

Gaps in herbaceous borders are best filled with annual bedding at this stage in the season. One exception is anemones (e.g. Anemone coronaria), which take about three months to flower after planting.

It is not too late to direct sow a few fast growing, late-flowering hardy annuals such as Calendula, Godetia and Clarkia.

Perennials such as Hollyhock and Lupins can be sown directly into drills outside once the seed heads have ripened and started to split naturally. If garden space is limited you can sow them into pots and place them in a cold frame or by the base of a sheltered wall in filtered sunlight.


Prick out indoor sowings when they are large enough to handle without damage, potting them on and then planting them out once they are robust.

If you want to grow your own spring bedding for next year, many (including wallflowers and pansies) need to be sown between May and July in order to flower next spring.

Beautiful tubs and hanging baskets can be planted up with summer bedding if not done already, however remember to water regularly.

For further guidance visit: rhs.org.uk and enjoy your garden!