This autumn brings a unique collaborative pairing menu to Leeds’ The Ivy Asia.

The two powerhouse brands Akashi-Tai and The Ivy Asia have united to mastermind a collaborative menu: Sake Sensations.

The menu will showcase the best flavours from the continent, perfectly paired with mouthwatering and inspired sakes. The Ivy Asia has also concocted a sophisticated cocktail menu inspired by the artisanal sake brand.

About Akashi-Tai
Brewed by hand in small batches, Akashi-Tai’s sake is the UK’s leading brand. Three of their sought-after sakes will grace the Sake Sensations menu as perfect pairings. Ideal as an introduction to sake, this indulgent pairing menu is also an opportunity for the real sake lover to taste three great sakes professionally paired with the perfect foods.

The Sake Sensations Menu
There will be two different Sake Sensations pairing menus available through the season, one offering meats & seafoods and the other showcasing a wholly veggie offering. Both highlight the sorts of flavour-packed, moreish small plates that The Ivy Asia is known for.

Enjoyed by the whole table (minimum of two), you’ll be brought a sumptuous selection of dishes which all pair perfectly, and uniquely, with the sake provided for that course.

Mouth-watering flavour profiles which jump from the menu include the satisfying spicy stickiness of gochujang-glazed fried chicken in lettuce wraps, the funky umami profile of Shiitake & Eryngii Gunkan Maki with Black Truffle & Gold, and the classically moreish crunch of tempura - either prawn tempura with chilli, lime & coriander dip, or veggie tempura, with ponzu dip & shiso.

How the Pairing works…

Each course provides a banquet of tastes for you to share, paired with sake.

The first course on the omnivore menu features the rich umami notes of seared beef tataki with three kinds of onion, the decadence of Yellowtail sashimi with fresh truffle salad, and the rich silkiness of a salmon and avocado roll. All three pair with the first drink - Junmai Ginjo.

The innovative Junmai Ginjo Sparkling Sake is naturally fermented in the bottle to preserve its fruity, zesty character. This delicate, sparkling sake is a great intro to sake for a modern palate, with notes of citrus and melon.

Both menus finish with a decadent dessert platter, which you’ll enjoy with the Shiraume Ginjo Umeshu - a luxurious plum liqueur created by preserving plums in the finest Ginjo sake.

Plant-based Perfection
The veggie menu leaves nothing lacking either, serving up dishes that hit all the right Japanese flavour profiles. Indulge in fresh Green Dragon Rolls, sumptuous little mushroom Gyoza, and veggie tempura with ponzu dipping sauce, followed up by rich comforting curries and the piquant spice of a cucumber, peanut & coriander salad with chilli, sesame, and lime.

An Exclusive Collab Cocktail Menu
The Ivy Asia’s expert mixologists have extended the scope of the Sake Sensations pairing by also creating an unmissable sake-inspired cocktail menu, highlighting the versatility of this Japanese delicacy.

What better home could there be for this decadent collaborative menu than Leeds’ The Ivy Asia? Renowned for their luxurious, opulent interiors, The Ivy Asia is a feast - both for the senses, and of the finest Japanese fare.

Enjoy the Sake Sensations collaborative menu exclusively this autumn in The Ivy Asia.