National gym brand Absolute Body Solutions has added to its portfolio of premium personal training facilities with a new location at 6 East Parade in Leeds city centre.

The new 1800sq ft location has just undergone a significant refurbishment after a huge investment by the company into the site.

Formerly a vacant office space, it has now been transformed into an exclusive gym facility designed for people across Leeds looking to achieve some serious fitness results this New Year. The overhaul of the space has seen top-of-the range equipment installed into the new gym facility, which has become ABS’ first location to open in Yorkshire.

ABS, is renowned for its high-quality personal training. Sessions are by appointment only, and since its inception in 2012 the firm has become known for the impressive results of its six-week transformation programme.

The gym clientele is largely made up of local businesspeople, with sports stars in Liverpool often going in for intense workout sessions and Love Island contestants favouring the Manchester gym for their pre-show transformation ahead of heading into the Villa.

Several of ABS’ clients hit the news last year thanks to their life changing results. One client, Gemma, lost a staggering 100lbs after training in a pair with her mum Sue, who not only lost 2 stone herself, but also prevented herself developing Type 1 diabetes thanks to her new exercise regime with her daughter. Over at ABS’ Manchester gym, their client Mohamed made the news at the end of last year after a photo of him holding his new born son made him decide he needed to change his life and lose weight. Working with ABS’ PTs in Manchester he is on a mission to lose 100lbs and is two thirds of the way there already.

ABS is now excited to work with clients across Leeds to achieve incredible results and help people to start 2023 in the fittest, healthiest and strongest way possible.

The new East Parade gym will offer a range of transformation options, as well as bespoke nutrition and exercise plans tailored to each new client that walks through the door.

The gym is set for a grand launch event sometime later in the New Year.

Connor O’Brien, owner and founder said: “We are absolutely delighted to announce the opening of our new gym in Leeds city centre. The new facility is an incredible space for our Leeds clients to train in and we have worked extremely hard to ensure that the gym is finished to the highest standard. The whole team is so excited to have opened in this amazing city and we have received the warmest of welcomes here in West Yorkshire.”

“We really look forward to working with clients from all over Leeds and to becoming a big part of the local community here in the city centre and beyond.”

Despite its tough sessions, Connor and his team are keen to make clear that everyone is welcome at the gym.

He added: “Exercise is for everyone, not just people who’ve been going to the gym their whole lives. We pride ourselves on operating gyms that are welcoming and supportive, and our new venue is no different.”

Connor also welcomed the support people across Leeds have shown towards gyms: “It’s clear that people in Leeds take their fitness seriously. The feedback we have been getting has been so fantastic. For so many people the gym is not only a vital part of maintaining their physical
health, but also their overall mental wellbeing.”