In this week's The Capsule #inconversation, host Natalie Anderson, speaks to Yana Smaglo about her inspirational story; from having to evacuate her home in Kyiv in 15 minutes, her journey to the UK and the launch of her amazing new fashion business, Nenya, that showcases the best Ukrainian designers.

Natalie hears from Yana about how she had created a successful fashion and beauty business in Ukraine but when forced to leave her home, left with one small bag and left her apartment believing she would never come back. Yana tells Natalie about how she wanted to be independent with her own income and business and to be a valuable part of society and how ,with the support of friends and people like Antonia Kinlan, a local business woman, Yana created Nenya.

In this episode, Yana goes into detail about her tumultuous journey to the UK, facing the tragedy of losing her home back in Ukraine but also battling depression when trying to launch her new business.

Natalie calls out to listeners to support Nenya and Yana in any way they can, whether that be through social media, purchasing products, visiting the pop-up store or investment.

Nenya is a brand that showcases and sells fashion from Ukrainian designers, available to buy from the Nenya website,, and soon a pop-up store in Trinity Leeds which will be open from the 28th November until 6th January next year.

For more information on Nenya and how to support Yana’s business go to the Nenya website:

The full episode is available to listen from Sunday 27th November, 8pm on all major podcast platforms Spotify, Apple and Google.