Our friend, TopicUK Columnist and Founder of House of Coco Magazine, Laura Bartlett shares her thoughts on the current climate:

"The current world situation is unsettling, stressful and frankly, unbelievable at times.

Each morning I awake thinking it's a bad dream, before checking the BBC News updates that fill my phone screen.

We send our thoughts and love to all those affected globally and hope that we all come out the other end soon.

As a travel magazine we have had to think about pressnt, as well as our future. We have always strived to bring you the most inspirational travel content, both in our print magazine and on our website. This is how we connect with you and how we all stay connected globally.

Our love from world and for the rush of travelling has not faded, despite having a team currently operating in self-isolation. We're as in love with the world today as we were on day one. For this reason, we will be continuing to publish travel content.

Please note, we are not encouraging you to jump on a plane in the coming weeks, but instead - giving your mind, soul and heart a break from the bad news through travel content.

Escapism is the key to sanity at times like these.

Stay strong and support one another, this too shall pass".

We are delighted to work with Laura and look forward to her further contributions to our own magazine and online platforms over the year ahead.