This week, the Independent Commission on the College of the Future launched its vision for the future of colleges across the UK: a new bold and ambitious strategic remit for colleges to empower people with opportunities for lifelong learning and support, to boost productivity, and to strengthen every community’s sense of place. The Commission believes there is an urgent need to reaffirm the role that colleges play in the education and skills system and that systemic change is needed to unlock the full potential of colleges to meet the challenges we face, from the impact of COVID-19 to climate change.

The vision was launched in a video and new report People, productivity and place: a new vision for colleges. It states that “Change is needed to unlock the full potential of colleges– for people, productivity and place. No college can do this alone. To achieve this vision colleges of the future will have a clear and recognised position in the education and skills system. Colleges will work collaboratively with each other and across the wider education and skills system in new ways. This will enable them to together lead the way in stimulating and responding to the needs of people, employers and communities. Governments across the UK will be there to support, with relationships built on trust and a shared destiny. It is only then that colleges will be empowered to deliver for people, productivity and place.”

Wakefield College welcomed the Independent Commission’s vision for the College of the Future Sam Wright, Principal at Wakefield College said: stating “We fully support the vision for the College of the Future, we are constantly developing our own college and courses to meet the demands of the local economy and skills needed offering a diverse range of education routes from the more common A Levels to vocational courses and the introduction of the new T Levels in 2021. We are a big believer in education doesn’t stop at 21 with adult courses and our business school, working with individuals and employers to enhance their workforce. We look forward to highlighting the true value that our College brings to the communities and businesses in our District, the Region, nationally and internationally.”