Wellington Place, the thriving urban quarter, has revealed its latest window art installation of 2024 as part of its Artist’s Window initiative.

The Artist’s Window initiative, which supports budding talent, was set up in partnership between Wellington Place and Leeds Art University and has showcased seven pieces so far. It provides talented students with a real-life opportunity to showcase their work in the heart of Leeds city centre.

The latest art installation comes from Visual Communication graduate, Nicole Regine. Photographs of Nicole’s sculpture, titled ‘This.’, will be displayed in the window of 11 Wellington Place until June.

Nicole’s piece explores the theme of safe spaces and is the product of her own experience having left her ‘safe space’ at home in Malaysia and trying to form a new one while studying in Leeds.

On having her work displayed at Wellington Place, Nicole said: “I am incredibly honoured to say the least! It’s the first time I’ll be seeing my work displayed publicly so I’m ecstatic for the opportunity.

“The sculpture is made from cement, a word play on the concrete support that makes up your safe space. The polyurethane foam is a representation of people coming in and out of it.”

“Throughout my time at university, I’ve realised the difference it makes to have your work interacted with, rather than having it left hidden behind a computer screen. Seeing ‘This.’ featured at Wellington Place also holds particular significance for me as I deeply resonate with their commitment to community and sustainability.”

Dominique Murray, marketing manager at MEPC, the developer and asset manager behind Wellington Place, said: “We are delighted to be showcasing Nicole’s work this spring. We believe that places are better when people are involved in shaping them, and this initiative is a great example of how supporting young people benefits all involved.”