That’s the message the author of The Cones Books for children wants to send out in a very simple way, with Cones characters on wheelie bins to encourage children to persuade adults to slow down when they see a Cone. The subtext is that it is not only where the books’ characters appear but everywhere there are cones, care should be taken.

The Cones is a series of beautifully illustrated books written by author, Chris Madeley. The author brings traffic cones to life in her entertaining stories, aiming to educate children across a range of topics, including health and safety, social values and moral and ethical principles of friendship and trust.

The series focusses on traffic cone characters such as ‘Conestance’ and ‘Conerad. These once inanimate objects are given personality and life and are free from the constraints of race, religion, or culture. Within the series, each of the Cones is portrayed as equal, therefore promoting equality and impartiality in social situations to our younger generations.

A key theme of the Cones stories is the importance of safety for children, both at home and in the outside world. Our society worldwide works together to collectively educate younger generations on health and safety.

Be it in school, from family and friends or generalised rules appropriate for various locations, whoever you are, we all have a responsibility to provide the relevant information to ensure people’s safety in an easy and understandable way. The Cones books set out to do just this, by making safety entertaining for children, while they also learn essential life skills that could possibly one day save their life or the life of another.

Available from all good bookshops and online, The Cones series of books is written to be fun to read while helping children learn to live with each other in the best possible way, but always with safety as their first priority.

The four main Cones characters have been reproduced in die cut, durable material that simply peel off and stick on to a clean, dry surface and are available online from