White Rose and Trinity Leeds shopping centres are continuing to invest in the community and support local people as they open their applications for grants for local not-for-profit organisations.

The Landsec Futures Community Grant Scheme provides funding with grants between £1,000 and £3,000 to support local voluntary groups and not-for-profit organisations in the community which are already creating value in the places they know best.

To be eligible, applicants must be a registered charity or not-for-profit organisation with a charitable purpose which benefits the community in the Yorkshire region. A shortlist will be created by the Charities Aid Foundation and reviewed by community grants panels built from local members of the community to determine successful projects which will have the greatest impact in the area.

Trinity Leeds has already provided £8,000 in grants to local baby banks and youth groups, whilst White Rose has supported rehabilitation and community gardening groups with grants of £8,000, empowering the local area to make future-forward decisions.

The grants initiative is part of a national commitment Landsec is making to maximise the potential of people, places, and the communities it works with through a £20m social impact investment. Combined, Landsec Futures will deliver £200 million worth of social value by 2030 and support at least 30,000 people from underrepresented socio-economic backgrounds towards long-term employment. In the Yorkshire region, both shopping centres have continued to play an active role in helping shape a strong local economy, with a combined total economic contribution of £175 million. Trinity Leeds employs more than 1,421 people across its retail and leisure facilities while White Rose employs 3,162.

Steven Foster, centre director of the Landsec-owned shopping centres, commented: “Retail has always been at the centre of communities, with shopping destinations acting as hubs that bring local people together while creating important value for local economies.

“As part of our long-term investment in the region, our community grants programme ensures we can continue to support local organisations that know their places best to effectively address the most pressing social and economic challenges our communities face.”

Applications are open for the Landsec Futures Community Grant scheme until February 19, 2024, at 5.30pm with grants anticipated to be made by the end of April, 2024. To apply and for more details, visit www.landsec.com/futures under the Community Grants tab.