Tempted to make your own beauty products?

It really is quite simple!

Winter Body Butter

The mix of rosemary, cedarwood and ylang ylang has a synergy effect of soothing, toning, refreshing and uplifting.

This blend is very hydrating and specially designed for dry winter skin.


• 55ml Shea butter
• 40ml Coconut oil
• 40ml Organic avocado
• 15ml Vitamin E
• 8 drops Rosemary
• 8 drops Organic cedarwood
• 8 drops Organic ylang ylang
• 150ml Clear clip-top jar


Gently melt the shea butter and coconut oil (unless you are using fractionated coconut liquid) using a double boiler - you do this by placing a heat safe bowl in a pan of hot water and heat using a low flame.
Once melted, stir in avocado oil and vitamin E. Now place it in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes to harden just a bit.
When the mixture has hardened slightly, get it out and whip it using a hand mixer for about 10 minutes until you end up with a thick whipped cream-like consistency.
Add the drops of essential oils, stir well and voila! It's ready.
Scrape the mixture into clean jars or containers. Store in a clean dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

How to use your body butter

Apply as a body lotion after a bath or shower - you can also use it as a night cream for extra moisture for dry skin or as a homemade hand cream.

(Although this recipe has been developed with your skin in mind, there’s a small chance you may have an adverse reaction to one of the ingredients. Please make sure you always do a patch test before use)