This Summer has seen the Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing, based on the Duchy Road in Harrogate receive the Corporate Live Wire Prestige Awards for being the Wellbeing Centre of the Year.

This prestigious award comes at a time when the established centre of excellence is celebrating its 34th year of providing the community with an unparalleled wellbeing offering.

“We are delighted on our recent award and would like to thank all of you who have sent congratulations and good wishes. In the work we do it has always been our main focus to make, our students and clients, our number one priority. There are many challenges in life preventing us from achieving optimal health and wellbeing. It is our intention to help those who put their faith in us to overcome these obstacles . The judges were impressed with our personable natures, the consistency of reviews and our overall attentiveness to our students. They also recognised how our passion comes across strongly in the work we do," said Anne-Marie.

Founded by Anne-Marie in 1986 the Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing specialises in Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Tai Chi and Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Diet Consultation amongst other holistic therapies. They are also known for their retreats which are mainly held abroad and allow for a greater discovery of wellbeing to you or me.

More recently her son James has joined and teaches Ashtanga Yoga, with his training course due to launch in September.

The secret to their success?
A devotion to wellbeing and an ability to constantly evolve at a time when health could not be more important. During the last few months, the family have been busy creating content for their zoom classes and YouTube channel to ensure their community remain fit and healthy over lockdown.

Likewise, their passion for passing on their experiences abroad with varying spiritual leaders including the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra is yet another element which sets this centre apart from other fitness centres.