A Yorkshire business coach is on a mission to encourage a kinder way of doing business with the official launch of the 5 principles of Business Wellbeing charter.

Ros Jones, an NLP qualified business coach and former corporate change executive has developed the principles to combat the theory being over-worked, stressed and competitive is the norm in business and in some cases the markers of success.

Ros, who is based in Scarborough, launched the Business Wellbeing Club during the first lockdown as a supportive online community for solopreneurs and SME owners who found themselves isolated and struggling with the overwhelm and uncertainty of the pandemic.

With a growing number of business owners working from home, launching new careers, and being location-agnostic, the online community has attracted members from across Yorkshire, Scotland, and the Midlands with its focus on prioritising the wellbeing of individuals and giving back for business success. The launch of the principles coincide with the group celebrating its first anniversary.

Ros, who is a Yorkshire Businesswoman member said: “This last 12 months has been a big wake up call for many people and business owners on the importance of their wellbeing and their values, especially with a recent report stating 82% of SME owners said the pandemic had had a negative effect on their mental health.

Working collaboratively with others, having an abundance mindset to give back, continuously learn, keep active, eat well, and remember to have fun are principles we should all live by – especially when it comes to business. Running a business can be isolating, competitive, and overwhelming. Surrounding yourself with people who share your values, who are kind people who want to give back and grow themselves and their business is what the Business Wellbeing Club is all about and I’m passionate about supporting business owners prioritise their own wellbeing for success. “

Ros had a life changing event several years ago when she lost both her mother and sister to cancer that re-assessed her priorities and prioritised her wellbeing. She left her senior exec corporate role to become a business coach to encourage and support others to maximise their potential and purpose.

The 5 Principles of Business Wellbeing:

  1. Build relationships
  2. Take responsibility for personal health
  3. Learn & grow
  4. Abundance
  5. Have fun

Further details on the Principles of Business Wellbeing can be found at businesswellbeing.club