From her Yorkshire heartland to global success with an international coaching business, Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland is coming back to her roots to partner with Leeds-based She Can Prosper. Amanda Foo-Ryland owns Your Life Live It, a firm specialising in life coaching helping clients build confidence in all areas.

Amanda started her career in Bradford with the Estee Lauder Corporation working her way up the ranks for 16 years, this led to international travel around Europe, the Middle East and Africa in a training director position.

The passion for training others was the inspiration for Amanda to take over from her late uncle’s venture to become a life coach at Newcastle University to deliver training to individuals via a digital platform. This digitalised venture enabled the business to be expanded to all parts of the world (Wi-Fi permitting of course!)

In a typical year, Amanda is based in Europe 8 months of the year and the remaining, in New Zealand. Not only has Amanda found herself covering much of the globe but she has touched the lives of many, with the business currently operating with 20 coaches, all of whom share the interest of studying the human brain. Amanda commented “NLP has given me the tools to be able to help somebody quickly with long-lasting results.”

The recent events of the pandemic forced Amanda to digitalise her entire training course portfolio, which the students have adapted to and embraced. "It's even better than live training because I am able to complete training independently from the comfort my own home. I can pause the video to make notes and re-look at sections that I want to refresh my memory on.” - her students have commented

Amanda is expanding her offering with a new program launching February 2021, this programme will be in place to build up the self-esteem of those suffering with dyslexia. The fundamental purpose for Amanda’s business is to make a difference to people lives, the business structure follows key points which are.

1.Identify the problem
3.Install the solution

Amanda is making a comeback to Yorkshire to collaborate with She Can Prosper, a company run by Diane Watson, Financial Planner at Sovereign Wealth. She Can Prosper is a venture built on the value of helping women become more financially independent and protect their financial futures.

Amanda will be joining forces with Diane and two other Yorkshire powerhouses, Zandra Moore and Sarah Tulip, to deliver the Resilience in Numbers event which will be taking place on 10th of December. Amanda will be showcasing her expertise in coaching to empower others and how she uses resilience to succeed.

Amanda commented "I feel this initiative is invaluable to providing permission and support to encourage women to make that step and have financial independence which of course equals freedom.”

Gain insight into how Dr Amanda Foo-Ryland used resilience as a key skill to successful leadership, by signing up to the event.