Yorkshire speciality food supplier, Delifresh, who recently transformed their business overnight from supplying top chefs and restaurants in the region to providing a fully stocked online grocery store for the Yorkshire public, are donating all their delivery charges to UK charity, TLG (Transforming Lives For Good).

Delifresh, who have had incredible support from the Yorkshire public since launch of their grocery store last month, with 100s of Facebook comments and emails thanking them for stepping up when food supply was short, have decided to partner with charity TLG, who work with the most vulnerable children in the UK.

Delifresh’s Head of Communication & Marketing, Robert Ramsden, explained of the move: “Supporting our wider community has always been central to us here at Delifresh and even more so in these challenging times. There are thousands of vulnerable children and families across the UK facing food insecurity which has been worsened by the lockdown, so we wanted to do something to help. We’ve decided to donate all the delivery charges we have collected so far from the new website to fantastic UK charity TLG, who work so hard to support children and families who need it the most. The fund so far has raised over £10K, which will go towards TLG’s aim of reaching over 10,000 children and their families in need for the duration of the coronavirus isolation period.

We want to say a huge thank you to our customers and staff, as without them this wouldn’t be possible!”

Charity TLG is delivering emergency care packages across the nation, which include food provisions to feed a family of four for up to three days, as well as essential household items such as soap and toiletries. The boxes also contain contacts to other local support groups and fun activities for the children.