Kidcrowd, a new platform that streamlines gift giving for children, is helping struggling parents to still make their children’s birthdays as special as possible. An estimated 3 million children in the UK* have celebrated their birthdays under lockdown so far and with many more millions more celebrating in the coming months under social distancing.

As social distancing looks to be in place for the foreseeable, family and friends that normally give a birthday gift to a child this time of year find it difficult to do so. Young children often do not understand why their birthdays are not being celebrated as normal and this can be extremely distressing to them. Kidcrowd looks to address this problem.

The Kidcrowd platform allows the child to create their own personal profile on the platform and to state what gift they want to receive or what experience they are saving up for. Parents or guardians can then send the link to the gift-givers, who can donate an amount of their choice with a personal message. Parents are able to draw down the birthday pot to purchase the specified gift when all donations have been given.

The premise of the platform not only takes the stigma out of giving cash as a gift but also reduces the embarrassment of parents asking for cash as a present. It also saves gift-givers having to take time out of their busy lives to source a gift. Kidcrowd is also a sustainable method of gift-giving by helping to reduce waste as it limits the amount of unwanted presents that almost always end up in landfills.

First and foremost though, it allows children to receive the gift that they actually want, making their birthday even more special.

Melissa Roberts, the founder of Huddersfield-based Kidcrowd, commented: “I often heard in my social circle that parents and guardians thought it was silly to have to rush around trying to purchase a gift for their children’s friends, and that when their children received gifts a lot of them got thrown out due to being unwanted.”

“With a background in tech and drive to solve these problems digitally, I came up with the idea of Kidcrowd to help reduce waste, save people time, and still make birthdays special. Now more than ever using tech to solve these types of issues is so important as the public looks to digital solutions due to the ongoing pandemic.”

Kidcrowd is available to download now.