Here at Yorkshire Businesswoman magazine, we receive a high number of press releases from PR companies and businesses alike.

Although we do our best to publish as many newsworthy press releases as we can for our readers and members free of charge, many of the releases we receive require a good amount of work and input from us.

If you forward a press release and want us to consider publishing free of charge, please note the following:

  • There should be no links within the release leading back to websites or emails
  • Headline title should be in upper and lower case, not all capitals
  • All job titles should be in lower case, i.e - managing director
  • Do not add any formatting such as bullet points
  • When referring to people, always use their first name not the surname i.e. - Ben said:
  • Each story should include an image (not logo)
  • Please send press releases just once
  • Don't send images on WeTransfer or other links as these can expire by the time we get to them, images should be attached to the email with the press release.

By adhering to the above, your press release should be published quicker, as we won't have to spend time editing. If your article does not appear on our website within a couple of days, please do not chase or send again as this blocks our email box, the chance is we won't publish. Additionally, please check the website, we get a number of emails asking if we intend to publish and we have already done so.

If you wish to guarantee the publication of your press release and include back links and enjoy extra promotion of links being sent across our social media channels, the cost of this is £50 + VAT per article or discounts are available for multiple regular releases.

You could consider a PR partnership with us which would guarantee all your newsworthy releases are published and include links from as little as £200 per month.

Email for details.