After selling out venues across Yorkshire, renowned criminal psychologist, radio host and podcaster Linda Sage is taking her true crime tour online!

Linda spent forty years working in England's top category prisons with the UK’s most notorious criminals, including the Krays, Peter Sutcliffe and Myra Hindley. Her storytelling events not only surprise and shock but leave audiences with a deeper understanding of the workings of criminal minds.

Starting with 40 years at the sharp end of criminal justice on 24 September, these virtual events will be even more accessible, great value and highly interactive. Guests will be able to get their true crime fix in the comfort of their own homes.

Details are:

  • 24th Sep 7pm: 40 years on the inside: 40 years at the sharp end of criminal justice
  • 30th Oct 7pm: Talking to serial killers: Up close & personal with the UK’s most heinous criminals
  • 19th Nov 7pm: The truth about British prisons: A glimpse into a hidden world
  • 10th Dec 7pm: Criminal profiling: My work with prisons and perpetrators to identify suspects

As well as her new virtual offer, Linda is hosting a number of in-person events in the coming months which can also be found on her website.

Linda says: “I’m excited to launch this new element of my offer which builds on an incredibly successful series of sold-out events across Yorkshire, as well as my talks on the world’s biggest cruise ships. I’ll cover everything from insights into what prisons are really like to what it’s like to meet and work with notorious serial killers.

I look forward to welcoming guests to their chosen event very soon”.

Anyone with an interest in true crime is welcome to all events, although the advised age limit is 15. You could be a crime writer wanting to tackle grittier plotlines or a true crime obsessive looking to go beyond Netflix documentaries. Many guests are looking to embark on a career in the criminal justice or forensics world.