Yorkshire business and personal development coach Ros Jones hopes to give SME owners the opportunity to tap into the ‘right-brain approach’ and unlock lost creativity from the busyness of business with the launch of a unique two-day retreat.

Held at Highcliffe Manor, on the North Yorkshire coast on the 25th to 27th January 2023, the two-day retreat includes a series of handpicked activities and workshops giving people space to tap into their creativity. With the support of several Yorkshire based creative specialists, attendees will be able to enjoy mindful photography, dance movement, creative writing, journaling, and drawing alongside dedicated time for reflection and relaxation.

Ros said: “Research has consistently shown time and time again that the right side of the brain, the side responsible for personal connectivity, intuition, insight and emotional intelligence, is essential for problem solving and leadership. Yet, it’s the side that gets neglected the most for many business owners with the daily grind of operational tasks.”

Ros’ own personal experience of launching a business solely focused on financial success at the cost of other areas of her life, including her love of music and writing, proved the catalyst for a change in her approach to business. The Scarborough based coach now supports other SME owners to develop a more balanced and kinder way of doing business as the key to their well-being and long-term success.

Ros adds: “Regularly creating dedicated time away from the operational focus of business is essential to focus on right brain exploration. It can be really difficult alongside day to day demands to carve out that time to relax, get inspired and be kinder to ourselves – and our business. Against the beautiful backdrop of the Flamborough coast, I hope the Get Creative Retreat provides the perfect place for business owners to reinvigorate that creativity and inspiration to get 2023 off to a brilliant start.”

The ‘Get Creative Business Wellbeing Retreat’ is one of a series of four being launched by the businesswoman with further details available at www.rosjones.co.uk