A British sustainable fashion brand that’s known for its collection of repaired and restored luxury, 100% cashmere clothing and accessories has launched its first ‘New From Recycled’ range.

The new, limited collection features a range of unique knitted fair isle sweater vests - available in five different colourways - and made in the UK.

The 100% cashmere knitted vests are made from 80% recycled cashmere content, which has been collected from post-consumer waste and is then processed to create cashmere fibres that are cleaned, dyed and carded, ready to be spun into luxurious new yarn.

Nearly New Cashmere Co’s latest launch, which is the first product made as part of their NFR (New From Recycled) collection, has been thoughtfully designed to incorporate the business’s heritage as a British knitwear brand that champions sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

Designed with customers in mind - the brand chose to launch a tank top range first, as this is one of the most sought-after items from their second-hand cashmere range. They’ve also incorporated gorgeous colours and a modern spin on the classic fair isle design, which intertwines British heritage patterns with the unexpected addition of a beautiful bicycle pattern - a nod to the great outdoors and the Yorkshire Dales, where the brand is based.

Nearly New Cashmere Co is a passionate advocate for sustainability in the fashion industry and regularly educates customers on how to make their clothing and accessories last longer, has created their new range of knitted tank tops with the help of specialists in cashmere recycling.

Each item in the new range has a unique button sewn on, which can be scanned by a smartphone to load a webpage where wearers can learn more about the story of how the garment was thoughtfully made.

Nearly New Cashmere Co’s second-hand cashmere clothing has grown in popularity since they began trading in 2015 - thanks to the meticulous repair and restoration work the small but incredibly talented team carry out that transforms pieces into a like-new quality.

Always looking for ways to respond to customer demand whilst staying true to their sustainability values - the team constantly finds innovative ways to reuse and recycle discarded cashmere. The brand utilises 100% cashmere pieces that would otherwise go to waste into like-new, luxury products customers will cherish.

This launch brings more excitement to a positive year for Nearly New Cashmere Co, which has hosted successful pop-up shops across the UK throughout 2022, including in a number of stores at the popular high-street retailer John Lewis and a shop on the prestigious King’s Road, London, earlier in the year.