Facets Commercial Consulting has helped secure a five-figure influencer campaign for social first marketing agency, Captivate Influence.

The agency has been appointed by leading tights brand Snag Group Ltd to head up its digital marketing activities.

The project will involve an intense focus on influencer outreach and the development of an international social media strategy with ongoing management.

Facets Commercial Consulting, which operates as the part-time commercial team for Captivate, handled the end-to-end sales process, securing an initial three-month contract with Snag Group Ltd.

The Facets team carried out detailed analysis of the brand’s online and social media presence, highlighting the challenges and opportunities.

Facets compiled a presentation for the brand, showcasing examples of Captivate’s successful work in the retail sector.

Guy Littlejohn, founder and head of sales and partnerships at Facets Commercial Consulting, said:

“We put a great deal of work into this pitch and we led the way from start to finish with Mark involved at every step of the process.

“Mark was with us at the very first meeting and our combination of skill sets ensured we were able to build trust and rapport with the client.

“It’s great when everything comes together, and everyone’s hard work is rewarded. I know Mark can’t wait to get started.”

Snag Group Ltd is renowned for being a brand which is truly authentic, representative and inclusive and has gained international attention as a result.

Captivate’s work will build on Snag’s impressive community of fans and engage with - and attract - new followers.

Social media influencers will be chosen to publish bespoke content to promote engagement with the Snag brand and encourage sales and growth.

Mark Dandy, director at Captivate Influence added: “We wouldn’t be here without them. Facets are very much part of our business.

“From research, initial outreach, meeting management, next steps expectations and from being in total control of the process, Facets have delivered from start to finish.

“All the time, of course, the Snag’s brand was at the forefront of everything we discussed.

“Snag is already a very successful business with an avid follower base. With this partnership we aim to help Snag build on their success and move the business to another level. This deal is a perfect fit for everyone.”

The deal has officially been signed for three months, with a view to the contract becoming permanent in due course.