Sisters Janette Ager and Jackie Ward are now both working as sales advisors for the same housebuilding company – having both initially applied for the same job.

Jackie, 60, and younger sibling Janette, 58, recently joined Jones Homes and are selling new-build properties at different developments in Yorkshire.

Janette, who lives in Brough, was appointed by the firm in September and is a sales advisor at Teasel Green in Eggborough, while Jackie, who lives in Micklefield near Leeds, joined the company a month later, and works at Beaumont Grange in Treeton.

“I applied for the job first and told Jackie to go for it too as I knew she was looking to make a move from where she was working,” said Janette, a mum-of-two. “We both went for an interview on the same day. Jackie went in first and we saw each other in the car park and wished each other luck.

“I got the job and have enjoyed every minute of it. Apparently, they were really impressed with Jackie too and found it hard to choose between us. In the end, they offered Jackie a job a few weeks later, so she has forgiven me.”

The sisters, who grew up in Pontefract, began their careers in the construction industry six years ago when Janette landed a job as a sales consultant, after she went along to a housing development when her daughter was buying a new house.

“By the end of the appointment, the sales advisor had persuaded me that I would not only be good at the job but that I should apply to the firm,” she said. “I did and they offered me a job which I took.”

Jackie joined the building industry when Janette encouraged her to pursue a different career.

“Janette knew I would be good at the job and, perhaps more importantly, really love it,” said Jackie, also a mum-of-two. “She was right on both counts. She knows me better than anyone and we have worked closely before when we worked for 15 years at Argos, where we both became store managers.

“I am a real people person. I love talking to different people, learning about their lives and what makes them tick. At Jones Homes, as sales advisors we are encouraged not only to use our diplomatic and negotiation skills but also to take the time to get to know the customer and to listen to what they want.

Only then can we start to deliver what is right for them and to help them make the move into their dream house. It’s a fantastic job and a real privilege to be given the chance to play such a part in a hugely significant journey in the lives of some lovely families.”

Janette added: “Jones Homes is a fantastic place to work because I can tap into the people skills I have developed after running a hotel in Bridlington for seven years and being in retail for more than two decades. Their ethos is not to chase sales targets but to treat customers as real people and to ensure we support them and provide them with the best possible house-buying experience.”

Jayne Swift, sales and marketing director for Jones Homes Yorkshire, said: “We are absolutely thrilled that both Janette and Jackie agreed to join us when we offered them a job. At Jones Homes, we pride ourselves on being a family firm with traditional values where we always put the needs of the customer first.

“The sisters both bring a wealth of life experience and are hugely capable individuals whose dedication, common sense and enthusiasm for the job and desire to care for their customers is an inspiration to everyone. We hope they will stay with us for many years to come and help Jones Homes Yorkshire go on to enjoy further success by maintaining the highest of standards and keeping our customers happy.”