A Yorkshire business coach has developed a free tool to help business owners review how balanced they are in their business and life in her mission to help encourage a kinder, more balanced way of doing business.

Ros Jones, an NLP qualified business leadership and wellbeing coach and former corporate change executive developed the scorecard following her years of experience working with business leaders across a range of sectors and noticing a direct correlation between the state of the business and happiness in their life, with their approach to balance and wellbeing.

Ros says: “Being more balanced in our lives is the key to long term happiness and success. Being either the extreme of doing everything full on, always really busy, and saying yes to everything is as unsustainable as it would be if you had little work on, not looking after yourself or meeting people. I’ve developed this free tool as a simple way of helping people take stock of their life and business and see the areas to work on, to ensure their life and business becomes more balanced.”

The Scorecard takes only two minutes to complete with the results sent straight away, along with some key tips and insights on how to tackle the areas of concern.

Since the start of the pandemic Ros has made it her mission to support business leaders with the launch of the online Business Wellbeing Club providing a supportive online community for solopreneurs and SME owners who found themselves isolated and struggling with the overwhelm and uncertainty of the pandemic. She has also developed the 5 Principles of Business Wellbeing breaking down the five key areas to focus on for business and life success which are linked into the scorecard.

Ros adds: “There is an increasing number of business owners working from home, launching new careers, and being location-agnostic which brings with it, its own challenges when it comes to looking after their wellbeing and maintaining balance. Couple this with an ever-growing amount of news, pressure around increasing bills, and legislation it’s easy to say how our balance can get out of kilter, and stress, anxiety and overwhelm dictate our lives and decisions. A report last year stated 82% of SME owners said the pandemic had had a negative effect on their mental health so finding the tools and networks to help with that is key to support business owners prioritise their own wellbeing for success.”

Ros had a life-changing event several years ago when she lost both her mother and sister to cancer that re-assessed her priorities and prioritised her wellbeing. She left her senior exec corporate role to become a business coach to encourage and support others to maximise their potential and purpose.

Details on the Business Wellbeing Scorecard can be found at https://balancedbusiness.scoreapp.com/