At Yorkshire Businesswoman we believe that during lockdown we should get up, dress up and show up however, we must confess that finding the motivation after so many weeks can be a challenge.

We are delighted to introduce style coach Sara Anson who will share her knowledge with us.


"Styled by Sara" is an accessible, inexpensive styling service for all women!

I aim to inspire & educate women to feel and look their very best.

I trained with The Style Coaching Institute™ the worlds most innovative and influential image training company, and I am a fully accredited member of the International Association of Style Coaches™.

I believe clothes express our personalities but Style Coaching is much more than just an image makeover. I will teach you how to improve your self-confidence as well as show you how to dress in a way that is authentically you! I offer a range of services from wardrobe edits to style makeovers, most recently adding a variety of virtual styling packages.

I’m an advocate for sustainable fashion clothing from Yorkshire-based. I strive to simply rework peoples wardrobes by restyling outfits and adding a few on trend pieces to bring them up-to-date rather than recommending a total overhaul in order to provide a cost effective styling solution.

At the start of the year I doubt any of us could have predicted how strange our lives are today. As we adjust to the restrictions that Coronavirus has brought us, fashion and style is not at the top of many peoples priorities right now. But for me it is and will continue to be a daily priority. Let me explain why.

Getting dressed in beautiful clothes is one of life's joys. As a Style Coach I believe that the way you dress expresses your personality and that you can dress yourself happy and confident by finding your own unique and authentic style. When we like the way we look, our self-esteem and confidence rockets, which then has a ripple effect on many other areas of our lives.

There has never been a more important time to get up and get dressed in an outfit that makes you feel amazing every morning. I believe its self-care, as important as exercise, a healthy diet and a good nights sleep. Starting the day right, a shower and choosing an outfit that makes you feel amazing sets the bar for the day, lifts your mood and makes you more productive. You’re less inclined to lie on the sofa all day if you’re out of the comfy joggers, which I’m sure many of us spent the first few weeks of lockdown in.

If,like many of us you’re currently working from home you may be struggling to find the balance of smart office attire and comfy home wear. There is no need to be wearing constricting suits and uncomfortable heels. The key to looking put together and professional during those online business meetings is all in the detail, a pretty blouse, interesting shoulder detail, neckline or statement piece of jewellery all help elevate your look.

• Wear colour. Wearing the right colour enhances your eye colour and complexion will make you look healthier, vibrant and more self-assured.
• Dress from the waist up, pair a statement top with a comfy pair of trousers or a skirt.
• A blazer makes any outfit look put together, keep a soft blazer to hand, ideal for throwing on over any outfit for an impromptu conference call.
• Loose fitting dresses and jumpsuits are stylish yet comfy, easy to wear and great post lockdown.
• Don’t forget the importance of make-up to complete your look.

Staying in is the new going out, at the end of a busy working week put on your favourite dress and heels and head for cocktails in the kitchen with your partner or a Zoom quiz night with your girlfriends. I believe in not saving anything for best and a Friday night is always a reason to get dressed up.

Style Tip - Lockdown is a great time to experiment with a new look, if you have always wanted to wear an item of clothing but felt too self-conscious, wear it around the house and I guarantee that once lockdown is over you will be wearing it with confidence.

Lockdown is the perfect time to edit your wardrobe.

A cluttered, overcrowded and unorganised wardrobe can be overwhelming, making getting dressed every morning stressful. No one needs to be stressed before they’ve had their morning coffee right? A tidy uncluttered, organised wardrobe will make getting dressed a breeze and make getting the most.


My three tips for effectively de-cluttering your wardrobe are:

• Store your clothes seasonally and swap twice a year, this ensures space in your wardrobe to really see what you have.
• Get all of your clothes together in one place. Take each item of clothing, try it on & ask yourself does this item of clothing suit your colouring, body shape, style personality and make you feel amazing?
• Donate unwanted clothes to charity, sell them on eBay or swap them at a clothing swap event.

If you would like more information on the range of services I offer please take a look at my website