How many of us dream of the day when we can visit a Spa or a beauty salon again?

All thanks to Vicky and her team at VJW Holistic Therapies in Huddersfield, here are some really useful tips that will enable us to temporarily "Spa from home" in readiness for post-lockdown pampering.

At VJW Holistic Therapies, we have spent countless hours doing what we love but we appreciate that you won’t have.

So, we have taken time as a team (virtually!) to put some top yet simple ‘at home’ tips together.

Skin saviours from skin expert Mairaed.


Flawless skin is in. Looking after your skin is always key, however while in lockdown and not having a regular facial - it’s really important to maintain a few basics.

  1. Establish a good routine, a good cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night is a good first step, maybe factor in a weekly exfoliation. Remember the routine should be what works for you, your timescale and your budget.
  2. A homemade mask, we don’t all have an endless supply of skincare and a mask is often the missing item. But fear not, half a banana, some honey and a touch of lemon will help enhance a natural glow!
  3. Slurp it up... Increasing your water intake is a great place to start for flawless skin. Your body is a high percentage of water, so depleting the amount of water you have is going to effect the skins appearance – Skin is the human body's largest organ.

BROW-ne points with skilled therapist Chloe.


As we all know, brows are the next best thing. Although, in lockdown this may be a struggle as you can’t have your usual appointments. Not to panic, there are a few tips here to help guide you through keeping them at bay.

  1. Conceal it - to help camouflage and shape your brow to look neat and shaped. No one will ever know you have skipped a session or two!
  2. Pencil - great for filling in a few hairs which might be missing or fairer than your natural hair colour. It defines the brow and gives you the same effect as your tint would, all be it temporary.
  3. Tweeze - only the very stray hairs! Keep well away from the brow line and just take the run aways that start to appear mid-way down. But, use tip 3 as the very last option as now is the perfect time to outgrow your brows ready for a reshape when the spa doors are back open.

Talented Eden’s Nailed it.

I’m sure most of you ladies are missing having your nails polished, so I have put together a few top tips, to ensure they are in the best condition they can be for your first appointment back post lockdown!

  1. Use oil on the cuticle daily, just before you go to bed; to stop any skin tears or hang nail from happening. Don’t worry if it’s not something you have, use coconut oil, a facial oil, lip balm or just an oil from in the kitchen cupboard. I’d highly recommend NAF Stuff cuticle oils, they smell amazing and don’t cost the earth at around £6.
    2.Whiten your tips - a simple bowl of warm water with half a lemon and a t-spoon of table salt. Now Soak the nails for 5 minutes, pat dry and little oil or clear base coat. It’s a great trick to help remove stains and lighten the free edge of the natural nail.
  2. Apply a nourishing or a clear base coat to protect the nail plate and prevent flaking - It’s also a great way to add a touch of lock down nail shine. I’d really recommend Critical Care base coat treatment by Jessica Nails.

Specialist Amy gives Tan-tastic tips.


Now that all our favorite tanning salons are closed for the foreseeable, we have had to take matters into our own hands which means DIY, stay at home tans! If you’ve never done it before, don’t feel intimidated. Here are some of the best tan-tastic tips you’ll need to know so you can get your glow on!

  1. Always scrub the night before to remove dry skin and any old tan - This will stop it looking patchy!
  2. Make sure all hair removal is done 12-24 hours prior to tanning to let your skin settle down and avoid any reactions.
  3. Always use an oil free moisturiser on any dry areas to stop the tan clinging. Common dry areas include elbows, knees, feet and the backs of your ankles. It’s also a good idea to moisturise after you have showered off the formula to help prolong your tan.
  4. Keep it loose - whilst your tan is developing wear loose dark clothes to prevent the tan rubbing off where clothes are tight.

If you are new to tanning, try a gradual tan and maybe test it on your legs first to have a practice - rather than your face and arms!

A few tan products we recommend trying and you can purchase on-line in lockdown.

For a natural tan – Skinny Tan, Gradule Mousse £19.99
For a subtle glow - Garnier - Summer Body Hydrating Gradual Tan Moisturiser £9.99
For a true Tan – Fake Bake Beyond Bronze £12.99

At home spa-time.

At VJW we usually have a ‘Warm Up, Wind Down Wednesday’ which allows you the time to unwind and relax in our hydro jacuzzi, steam & sauna - whilst on lockdown we thought it would be a lovely idea for you to make an at home bath retreat. Here are Leea & Bryony’s bath time tips...

Obviously, pick your favorite candle, bubble bath but then add a few extra tweaks.

  1. Ask Alexa to play a relaxing music mix - it’s amazing what that little sound box has hiding up her sleeve!
  2. Make an at home body scrub, it’s simple and leaves your skin feeling fresh and alive! Coarse salt, a good dash of oil and mix away, maybe a drop of lemon to add a citrus scent!
  3. This isn’t a bath tip, but it’s a VJW firm favorite - CLEAN SHEETS! We all agree that the best nights sleep always follows a pampering bath and set of fresh sheets!

*Hydration tip - take a glass of water to keep you hydrated whilst in the bath.

Now you have a range of tips, sneak away, indulge in some "me time " and have a go!

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Stay Safe, Take Care

Love, Peace and Joy from Vicky & Team VJW Holistic Therapies.