Tina Boden, one of the leading voices for micro business in the UK, who co-founded the #MicroBizMatters movement with Tony Robinson OBE and spent 10 years working to make life in micro business better, is set to launch an exclusive online club for micro business owners. While working on how micro business owners can improve their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their businesses, become more resilient and thrive in a ‘post-covid’ environment, Tina came up with The Micro Business Mentor Club, an online subscription mentoring service which launches on 1st April.

Tina, an experienced business mentor who shares knowledge, experience and advice gained from more than three decades of running her own businesses, identified an opportunity to support micro businesses around the world. She knows that nothing has changed the way the smallest of businesses do business quite like the impact of covid. Providing guidance from subject experts, those that have ‘been there and done it’ experience, in the form of peer-mentoring, interactive workshops and panel discussions, The Micro Business Mentor Club will be a fully online membership community, allowing businesses with 0 to 9 employees to come together, share skills, learn, collaborate, and build resilience with the convenience of doing it all online to save time, travel and costs.

“I want mentoring to be affordable and accessible to micro business owners without it being free because that is rarely valued” says Tina Boden “I also want people to be mentored and supported by those that have empathy and understanding of how personal wellbeing can impact business wellbeing and vice versa, knowledge gained through their own experience” she adds. “Peer mentoring groups are an informal facilitated space for micro business owners to share thoughts, fears and great ideas and receive feedback from others to help them, something you rarely get as a freelancer or owner of the smallest of businesses. This is an opportunity for micro business owners to pay an affordable monthly amount and spend time building a more resilient future for their business.”

Membership of The Micro Business Mentor Club will provide access to not only a monthly peer mentoring session but also a monthly workshop led by subject experts allowing subscribers to access a variety of support that they feel is relevant to their business. Award-winning Growth and Innovation Consultant, Naomi Timperley will facilitate the first workshop, Perfecting Your Business Value Proposition, helping members to clearly articulate the point of their service or product, who it's for and what makes it unique.
With a limit of just 250 members at any time, a waiting list is anticipated to join this exclusive Club that will see members receive profile promotion across social media as well as an opportunity to take part in the monthly ‘Talk it over with Tina’ panel discussion and engage in one to one and one to many information seeking and sharing in community groups.

To help businesses in need of support, Tina has offered three free memberships for qualifying businesses in different sectors. A start up micro business owner trading for under; a micro business owner trading for over 3 years and a business owner whose personal and business wellbeing has been impacted by perimenopause or menopause symptoms. Tina says “I wanted to offer these memberships to people who may be unsure of where to turn. Peer mentoring can offer a wealth of advice and open up new support networks that micro business owners simply weren’t aware of.”