Abigayle Andre, 29, started sharing her motoring knowledge in the second Lockdown and has since accelerated to success, landing a deal with the UK’s largest leasing company after going viral on a popular social media platform.

Abigayle said: “I have always had a love of cars and would read every motoring magazine and newspaper as a child. I started working for the Volkswagen Group in customer relations which sowed the seeds to where I am today.”

Entrepreneur Abigayle quickly understood that women are in fact the fastest-growing market of car buyers in the UK as well as being involved in 85 percent of buying decisions. She said: “It has always been a male-dominated industry internally but fortunately more forward-thinking brands now realise how important women are in the market.”

Abigayle who has become a brand ambassador and presenter for a range of selective brands, after launching @SheTalksCars on TikTok said: “I just wanted to give consumers the confidence to buy or, as I often advise, lease a vehicle, that is both value for money and stylish.

“I talk a lot about electric cars too because consumers are more conscious these days and I want to help them discover a motor that embodies all their needs because your vehicle says a lot about you.

More than a fifth of new cars sold across 18 European markets, including the UK, were powered exclusively by batteries, according to data compiled for the Financial Times by independent auto analyst Matthias Schmidt, while diesel cars, including diesel hybrids, accounted for less than 19 percent of sales.

Abigayle also felt a surge last month with 12 million organic views to her TikTok account in which she posts short helpful videos a few times a day.
“I feel like I am living the dream,” said the car fanatic who recently presented at the London EV show, the UK's most important Electric Vehicles Conference & Expo Live. At the event she interviewed the likes of Quentin Wilson and Transport for London.

“Leasing is rightly becoming one of the most popular ways of owning a car because it is much cheaper than financing options and buying a car because you’re only paying for the depreciation value.

“I also react to the news such as the rise in fuel prices and how to save money or to make the most out of electric vehicles. I am always listening out for what will help people most."