How many of us are currently looking in the mirror and asking the question “what can I do with my hair during lockdown?”

Coming to our rescue is Louise Hunter, owner of Rubies Hairdressing in Huddersfield. Louise has been a state registered senior hairstylist for nearly 25 years and has a great team of hair artists and a glowing, loyal clientele. Although her roots are firmly in Yorkshire she also coaches for a hairdressing business programme in London.

Louises Hints and Tips for hair styling whilst at home:

Most professional hairstylists would recommend not washing your hair daily, as your hair does not always need it and it can cause dry skin, damaged cuticles and unnecessary heat and environmental stress to your hair also. Now is the best time to practise this and use a dry wash to help, there are so many on the market as this is a go to product for 2020.

We recommend Dry Wash by Paul Mitchell 300ml £19.95.

The dry formula instantly leaves hair looking and feeling freshly washed with a clean scent. The ultra-fine, colourless formula leaves no residue, ideal for all hair types and colours and powerful directional spray refreshes and revives lifeless hair while extending the life of any style.


This product is also a great prep for when you want to wear your hair up, weather that be in a sleek pony, a volume pony, a bun, and a half up and half down style. All of these looks only need a hair bobble, brush and maybe a couple of Kirby grips and for hair bobbles, we recommend using a Magibobble as these clever, quirky hair bobbles are designed to make putting your hair in a ponytail or bun quick, easy and hassle free. Unlike traditional hair bobbles, Magi: bobble have been cleverly designed to avoid dragging your hair strands away from your scalp. Magi:bobble reduces the amount of tension on the head that other bobbles can often cause from being tied too tightly.Preventing the amount of split ends within the hair, Magi:bobble doesn’t cause kinks and holds your hair neatly and securely, whether you decide to wear it in a ponytail or in a bun.


There are lots of hair up tutorials available online but if you get the foundations right and prep your hair correctly, with little practise, you cannot go wrong.

One of the best ways to enhance your hair, if you are not so confident with say the classic ponytail is to add some clips or a headband to modernise your look.

Another great accessory is clip in extensions or a clip in ponytail, there are some great colours that match with most hair colours, they take minutes to fit and leave no lasting damage to the hair.

Hair Care

One of the best ways to care for your hair now is a weekly intensive treatments these work very differently from a daily Conditioner. As we know Conditioner does not actually condition your hair it only closes the cuticle and leaves it feeling soft, an intensive treatment will add moisture, get into the cortex and heal some of the damage and leave for hair in great condition.
Treatments can be applied over night to give the maximum benefit if you shampoo your hair first, towel dry and apply the treatment to mid-length and ends then rinse and condition as normal.

The biggest positive you could try too is to leave your hair completely natural so don’t blow dry it or use the straighteners to straighten or curl it, your hair will be thankful of the rest, you may notice the condition get better, it grow quicker.

Things to avoid

The one and only thing I would say to avoid is home hair dye, it is hugely recognised for its none consistent results and damage to the hair, also the potential health risks due to a number of people not buying two and skin testing with one beforehand.
For the sake of a few months re-growth it could cost you hundreds of pounds to get fixed by a professional in the future, the best ways to disguise your roots are the sprays that are available, they are very easy to apply and wash out leaving no lasting damage. You could also use a thicker headband too if you want to stay completely natural.