Holidays and travel, whether at home or abroad may seem like a distant dream during this extended Covid-19 lockdown however patience will pay and there is no reason why you cannot start preparing for that next mini-break or big adventure.

For many explorers, cancelled trips and lack of clarity may prove to be disheaertening, and this unexpected free time at home can be filled by discovering the rich and diverse beauty the world has to offer from the comfort of an armchair.


Here are three ways in which you can start to make plans for when you are free to travel again.

Make a mood board

Turn those day dreams and conversations into something visual, and create a board that can either be added to from magazines and brochures or collate images on the online platform Pinterest. This is a fantastic way to combine images, links, and a vast and varied array of other media and create a vision for your perfect trip.

For those who are often indecisive, this is a great way to determine what will match their needs, whether it be accommodation, catering options, distance or climate.


Experience virtual travel

The internet is a magnificent thing, it opens up so many opportunities for learning during lockdown and can actually help you explore the world, without leaving your front door.

You can virtually travel to some of the Earth's most incredible locations via free online tours.

Why not visit Google Arts and culture today, which offers virtual tours of galleries, museums and National Parks, to name but a few.

Simply visit:

Learn the local language

From asking for directions to ordering a meal, nothing enhances a trip abroad quite like feeling confident to communicate with its people.

Why not use this time at home to learn a language that you had often thought about, but never had the time.

From mobile apps to YouTube and online courses, many of which are entirely free - there are endless platforms available.

Do you have any travel tips to share?

Where do you plan to explore when lockdown is lifted?

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