Do you dream of having perfectly-manicured hands all year round, but find that as soon as there’s even a hint of chill in the air, your nails start to chip and flake?

Exposure to cold weather can cause nails to dry out however it does not have to be this way. Inevitably, a trip to the nail bar is not an option at the moment however looking after your hands during the colder months will help you can keep your nails in tip-top condition.

Here are five easy winter nail care tricks to make sure your nails stay long and strong.

Give Your Nails a Breather

Nail varnish applied continuously is not necessarily great for the nails, quite simply because some varnishes contain a number of toxic chemicals.
But this does not mean that you shouldn’t wear nail polish, because there are a lot of good brands out there which are are very aware of this. Just make sure your nails go au naturel every so often: wearing nail varnish all the time tends to limit any exposure to good UV light that would be nourishing to our nails.


Use Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

When you are ready to give your nails a break from varnish, be sure to use an acetone-free remover.
Remover which contains acetone can be harsh on the nails and cause them to dry out, opt for a remover which is acetone-free is gentler on the nails and helps to prevent peeling and breakage.

Care for Your Cuticles

Cuticle oil is the key to your winter nail care routine.Invest in a good cuticle oil and use this regularly.
With the cold weather, just like our skin, nails need hydration – invest in a good cuticle oil and use it regularly. The oil will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and provide a moisture boost. Not only will the cuticle area look and feel better, but the massage movement will help stimulate nail growth, bringing blood and nutrients to maintain healthy nails.

Hydrate Your Hands

Nail plates are even more prone to dehydration over winter months, causing peeling, splitting nails, or fray edges.
It is a problem that can be exacerbated by frequent applications of hand sanitiser (which we are applying frequently now) so follow up with moisturiser and treat yourself to a weekly hand at-home treatment mask.

Be Gentle With Your Nail File

To lessen the risk of nails breaking during winter months, it is better to keep nails at a reasonable length. Use long sweeping strokes from side to center, then the other side to center, to lightly shape the nails. Avoid filing deep into the corners, as this tends to weaken the nails.