Celebrate this years “Bike Week” and get out on your bike.

National charity “Cycling UK” wants to get even more people riding and is looking forward to celebrating this year’s week long initiative.

They appreciate that in these uncertain times, helping people to come together to ride will not be possible, so they are holding a series of fun Bike Week events online this June.

Why not make cycling your daily exercise during Bike Week 2020. Can you get on your bike for seven days in a row between 6-14 June? You don’t have to complete all seven days – just as many as you can.

There are no rules on what counts as one of your entries - all you need to do is go cycling or take part in a cycling-related activity and share a photo, video or story about your experience on Instagram or Twitter, using #7DaysofCycling.

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Cycling remains a great way to keep fit and active and is a good way to boost immunity, it's also great for your mental well-being.

Our team member Mandy Taylor is a keen cyclist and shares below a few tips for those who are keen to get on their bikes.


Road Cycling

Cycling on the road can be daunting at first so begin by riding on wide, quiet roads. Be aware that cycling with others requires good communication, skill and plenty of practice. Always be respectful of traffic and remember to use clear hand signals.


If new to exercise, ensure you’ve eaten wisely before riding and that you take snacks (flapjack, nuts and seeds etc) and a water bottle with you. Drink regularly and stop to eat something ideally after the first hour. Always take money with you in case you need to “refuel” en route – increasingly many facilities are bike friendly and warmly welcome cyclists.


Because you’re moving at speed you’ll experience more wind chill than with other sports. The exact choice of clothing will depend on the weather, during this hot spell always remember that any exposed skin may burn easily. On colder days ensure you wear a baselayer and it’s always wise to take a light weight, long-sleeved waterproof jacket. A good-fitting helmet is essential, never compromise on this.



Your bike needs to be in “tip top condition” before you ride. Ensure the brakes are working and tyres are inflated with no damage, plus if riding in darker conditions – all lights are working. Basic tools you might like to consider include a pump, spare inner tube, puncture repair kit, tyre levers and a multi-tool (a bike bag is wise, or alternatively you may need deep pockets or a back pack). I recommend that you know how to mend a puncture as your car breakdown service won’t answer your plea for help!

Download an App

I have a free App on my mobile phone called Strava which records my mileage, average speed and many other statistics. I find it highly motivational and a great way to keep a record of my rides. You can connect with other cyclists and congratulate them on their achievements (plus enjoy the occasional pat on the back too!)

Buddy up with others

Cycle with a friend, or maybe even look at joining a group once your confidence levels have grown. The ability to set off on "adventures", find new cycle routes and partake in charity fundraising challenges is great fun and incredibly rewarding.