Veganuary is proving very popular, the word seems to be everywhere you look, but it seems it's not just for the month of January for some.

Whilst the majority of the city's restaurants are bracing themselves for a dip in takings in January - Sheffield's newest eatery is lining up for a record-breaking month.

Kelham Island's V.Or.V. - which opened just days before Christmas - has been receiving rave reviews as an "accessible" vegan and vegetarian restaurant that is proving just as popular with meat-eaters wanting a healthy alternative.

The eatery looks set to be hugely popular with followers of Veganuary - the movement that encourages people to try being vegan for the month of January.

But, with a great range of low alcohol and alcohol-free drinks, is also set to offer a night out for people undertaking ‘Dry January' and other health-conscious New Year resolutions.

Matt and Nick Burgess managed some of Sheffield's largest and liveliest chain pubs before turning their backs on the world of mainstream lager and junk food menus to launch V.Or.V. in the historic Wharncliffe Works, on Cornish Place in the Kelham Island area of Sheffield.

Nick Burgess said: "January was always a very hard month for the mainstream pub industry with a large percentage of regular punters kicking alchohol and following far more health conscious lifestyles in a bid to maintain New Year's resolutions. With us people don't have to worry - they can enjoy a fantastic night out and keep healthy and be kind to the environment in the process."

V.Or.V. features a great range of beers from local brewers such as Abbeydale brewery, with plenty of vegan and gluten free options available.

The restaurant offers a great range of quality, low alcohol drinks; it prioritses re-usable items and even its uniforms are vegan.

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