Kerfoot Group, a leading supplier of natural and organic plant-based oils for the food manufacturing sector, has commented on the recent shift it is seeing towards the use of oil blends and infusions.

Across the industry, Kerfoot has seen strong growth in demand for blends – oils comprising two or more carrier, flavoured or scented oils - driven by both new product development needs, as well as recognition that blends offer supply chain simplicity and stability; a much needed solution in the emerging post-covid market environment.

Jeremy Founde, Commercial Manager, commented: “The market challenges we’ve seen across food manufacturing have been quite unlike anything we’ve seen prior. Under these conditions, it’s more important than ever that products are developed with the target consumer in mind. After all, the consumer decides if a product or brand is relevant to them; not us. Right now, consumers are seeking variety and diversity in the food products they purchase. They’re looking for food experiences that put a new twist on traditional favourites.

“More than ever, consumers are demanding choice and authenticity. We believe this is what has driven the oil blend category so ferociously; brands understand that oil blends are a cost-effective way to broaden their product portfolio without adding unnecessary supply chain complexity. And of course, they want to avoid compromising on ingredient provenance and quality.”

Jeremy added: “At Kerfoot, our in-house dedicated blends team has seen the increasing demand first-hand. The ideal oil blend builds on a solid, quality base oil by adding flavour and aroma that can be built into new products from the very outset. Good examples include Basil or Chilli in Sunflower Oil and Garlic in Rapeseed Oil.

“One of the most exciting new blends we have developed for one well-known client is Garlic-infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and it demonstrates the true powerhouse benefits of oil blends. It’s a cost-effective way for food manufacturers to combine two important recipe components into one streamlined, versatile and powerful ingredient. Plus, the blends and infusions we supply come with the quality, provenance and authenticity of all Kerfoot products and remove unnecessary steps in processing, keeping costs down for the manufacturer.”